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Consent Document

Notice pursuant to article 13 Legislative Decree nr. 196 dated June 30th, 2003

Dear Sir/Madame,
we kindly inform you that the 196 Legislative Decree dated June 30th, 2003 provides for the protection of the persons' regarding processing of personal information. Therefore this processing will be based on the principles of correctness, legality, transparency and protection of your confidentiality and rights.
According to article 13 of the above mentioned law, we supply you the following information:

  • a) the personal and sensitive data that regard you and that you supply, will be processed in conformity with the above mentioned law and with the obligation to confidentiality that ULSS Hospital shall observe. In particular, the data defined as sensitive, such as "the personal data adequate to disclose the health status and sexual life", will be treated only through the written consent of the person concerned and in compliance with the general authorization issued by the Guarantor for the protection of personal data;
  • b) the data will be processed for diagnostic - therapeutic (e.g. for the institution of the medical record and/or nursing card, containing data having personal, administrative, fiscal, health characteristics; for medical reports and certificates drafting), administrative (e.g. for drafting of compulsory documents for fiscal purposes such as invoices or tax receipts, for claims management etc...) purposes. Besides, they can be processed anonymously either for epidemiologic inquiries or for scientific research and/or surveys regarding the quality of the services received in ULSS Hospital;
  • c) the data processing will be performed through paper support and through computerized devices; the authorized personnel of ULSS Hospital has access and can process the data in compliance with the current provisions regarding personal data protection and applying the minimum security measures;
  • d) the information collection that regards you is necessary and essential in order to reach the purposes mentioned in chapter b), therefore it is compulsory.
  • e) the processed data can be communicated, according to the laws in force and where applicable, to the Local Hospital Centers and, upon specific request, to the legal authorities and to any other Body according to the law or regulation;
  • f) the diffusion of sensitive data regarding health status is not allowed, except when it is needed for prevention purposes, crime verification or repression, in compliance with the laws governing this matter;
  • g) the Owner of the processing is Azienda ULSS 5 Ovest Vicentino seated in via Trento n. 4 - 36071 Arzignano (VI);
  • h) in the Public Relations Office of the Hospital you can ask for information about the person in charge of your data processing and to enforce your rights regarding data processing as provided for by article 7 of the Legislative Decree dated June 30th 2003, especially the right to obtain:
    - the confirmation of the existence, in the ULSS Hospital, of personal data that regard you, the notice, under intelligible form, of the same data;
    - the cancellation or blocking of processed data violating the law, including whose conservation is not required in relation with the purposes for which those data were collected or later processed;
    - the updating, correction or, in case you need it, data integration.

Considering the above matters, we kindly suggest you to fill out the below indicated form.
The ward personnel is at your full disposal for any further information.

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